Target Market For Bamboo Village

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Target Market for Bamboo Village, Hulu Langat.

Bamboo village, Hulu Langat is a natural tourist places that can give the peace and culture environment which is located in the interior of Batu 11, Hulu Langat certainly gives one an interesting experience with the landscape concept of 'Japanese Garden' witnessed quiet and attractive atmosphere for anyone who visit there. Cultivated on a parcel of land inherited. region far from the atmosphere of the city that can give satisfaction to live in a quiet and comfortable atmosphere. especially for fans of the original nature. Bamboo Village area there are many attractions such as hot springs, waterfalls and other recreation areas make bamboo as the main attraction for the construction of houses that can highlight aspects of the original and fine art that can attract local and foreign tourists who love nature. provide volunteer services to tourists who want to experience themselves manage and build your home or place of natural tourism at Bamboo Village. Demographic

highlight the concept of the natural environment to attract local and foreign tourists. natural environment and unique place to attract film production to the shooting


Marketing Channel for Bamboo Village, Hulu Langat.
mouth to mouth
Geographic segmentation involves segmenting the market based on location.  Home addresses are one example, however depending on the scope of your business this could be by neighborhood, city, province/state, region, or even country if your business is international. Geographic segmentation relies on the notion that groups of consumers in a particular geographic area may have specific product or service needs; for instance, a lawn care service may want to focus their marketing efforts in a particular village or subdivision that has a high percentage of seniors. Demographic

Demographic segmentation is based on measurable statistics, such as...
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