The American Struggle (Paper over Social Class Based on John Q))

Topics: Middle class, Social class, Working class Pages: 3 (1072 words) Published: December 13, 2010
The American Struggle
Why social class? Many Americans want to know the answer to this question, but is it possible to really answer the question to “why” we have social class? It is easy to explain “what”, but it’s “why” that stumps us every time. Social class is the division or classification among people in a society. In America we have the upper class (rich), the upper and lower middle classes, and the lower class (poor). Americans base the social classes mainly upon annual income, and education. I have discovered an excellent example that highlights the struggle of our society’s lower class and also the dominance of our upper class. My chosen example is the movie John Q.

John Q is about a lower class family who struggles with insurance companies and the health system. John Quincy Archibald and Denise Archibald are the father and mother of Michael “Mike” Archibald. One morning during Mike’s baseball game he was sprinting to second base and suddenly falls to the ground into a seizure. John and Denise frantically call an ambulance and rush to the hospital. After thorough testing John and Denise Archibald receive the frightening news that Mike has a bad heart. The only choice Mike has is to have a heart transplant or he will die. John has extremely low income and the hospital tells him his insurance is not good enough to get his son’s name on the transplant list. John Archibald does everything in his power to earn enough money just to get Mike’s name on the list but after the first few weeks pass the hospital tells him it is too late. They are sending Mike home to die. Denise calls John and tells him to “do something”. That is exactly what John did except he was forced to go to extremes. Making sure John had all the right professionals, and the right equipment on one side of the hospital he locked it down and held that one side hostage. By doing this he was hoping they would give in and put Mike’s name on the transplant list, but it was...
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