The Apocalypse Of The Middle Class Final Revised

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Herbert Hall
Professor James Peterson III
Argumentative Essay 2
Argumentative Essay Outline
I. Introductory Paragraph

A. The price difference in 1970s era vs. more modern times.
B. College is no more a choice, but rather a necessity to have a decent style of living in modern times.

Thesis Statement:
A. Federal and state financial aid focuses more on giving to low-income students, leaving the majority of the middle class students to fend for themselves. B. State financial aid as well as Federal financial aid both needs reformed and needs widened grant requirements considering the poor receives benefits that help them tremendously and the upper class American families can afford to pay for themselves or their children a college education. II. Main Body

Argument I
A. Main purpose for Financial Aid was to boost enrollment in college. B. Parents expectations of their kids who are in high school to attend some form of higher education. C. Average income of middle class families who has car payments, mortgage, and household expenses with no help from state or Federal aid, making it nearly impossible for middle class families to pay their kids’ college tuition. Argument II

A. Middle class families and students are frustrated with the current system of state and Federal financial aid. B. Middle class are ineligible for grants, and scholarships. C. Middle class piling on thousands of dollars in debt.

Argument III
A. The middle class makes up the majority of the tax payers in the United States. B. The middle class pays their fair share in taxes and receives lesser incentives than any other person in the lower or upper class. C. Small business owners primarily owned and operated by the middle class with children who has to jump hurdles to go to college. Counter Argument

A. Middle class families make enough to invest in a 529 educational plan for their children to go to college. B. Jobs are out there to help college students regardless of age to help pay tuition fees and books. C. 401k plans are accessible without penalty for educational purposes. D. Having a job increases a student’s success in the workforce once obtaining a degree since they will already have work experience. Rebuttal

A. The middle class is the backbone in America
B. The average middle class person who has a job making $50,000 a year pays $10,000 in taxes. C. The middle class is footing the bill of the taxes, and should reap the benefits as everyone else. D. The middle class is no different from those of lower or higher income statuses. Everyone has the same household bills that have to be paid monthly. III. Conclusion

A. College Tuition is rising across the United States
B. Students are taking on a burden of debt.
C. Countries has outpaces the United States standard of education D. Parents can help by investing in a 529 plan for their kids’ college education E. Middle class families carry the biggest of the tax burdens in the United States. F. The financial aid system built on the era of the 1960 is no longer effective.

The Apocalypse of the Middle Class

The continuing rise in college tuition has caused issues across the board. According to a source from the United States Department of Education, and The National Center for Educational Statistics, in 1976-1977, public colleges averaged just $2,275 and private colleges averaged $3,906 for a four-year degree, including room and board. In 2006-2007, the price of 4 years in a public college or university for a four-year degree averages $11,034, which is up nearly 500% from 1976-1977. Additionally, college tuition’s soaring costs over the previous decade have rendered need and legitimacy based budgetary support for all intents and purposes, pointless, closing a large number of working class families out of instruction and ensuing occupations. Furthermore, in our general society, college education is no more a choice or benefit, but instead a necessity. It seems the...

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