The Impact of Wal Mart on Society

Topics: Business, Department store, Kmart Pages: 3 (886 words) Published: October 22, 2009
Online Mini Project #1

Bus 5500: Executive Strategic Leadership
Dr. Peter Li

September, 26 2009

A discussion about the corporate level strategy
of Wal-Mart and its impact on society

By: Michael Schulze

For this mini research project, I have chosen to analyze the corporate level strategy employed by Wal-Mart and what impact that strategy has on society. But first, a little bit about Wal-Mart. As the world’s largest retailer, Wal-Mart operates retail department stores, supercenters, and warehouse club stores called Sam’s Clubs. Wal-Mart’s primary competitors in the discount retail business include Sears Holdings Corporation’s Kmart chain and Target. So what is a “Corporate Level Strategy”? And how does it apply to Wal-Mart? According to the Quick MBA website, corporate level strategy is fundamentally concerned with the selection of businesses in which the company should compete and with the development and coordination of that portfolio of business. The core focuses of corporate level strategy are: • Reach: defining the issues that are corporate responsibilities including: setting the overall business goals, type of businesses in which the corporation should be involved and management philosophy. • Competitive Contact: defining where in the corporation competition is to be centered. • Managing Activities and Business Interrelationships: Corporate strategy seeks to develop synergies by sharing and coordinating staff and other resources across business units, investing financial resources across business units, and using business units to complement other corporate business activities. • Management Practices: Corporations decide how business units are to be governed: through direct corporate intervention (centralization) or through more or less autonomous government (decentralization) that relies on persuasion and rewards. The bottom line is that corporations are responsible for creating value through their businesses. They do...
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