The Lady

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Boomerang- The Essence of Sex

Board Members in Board Room- Strange’ smells a perfume

Strange: (Smells Perfume) I hate it

Board Member (Lloyd) : But this fragrance tested very well.

Strange’: I said I wanted the essence of sex!

Jacqueline: Yes

Board Member (Lloyd): Well I think this is it

Strange: You would, but let me show you what I’m talking about (Takes of thong)

Board Member 2: Unbelievable!

(Holds thong up to board members face)

Strange’: (Rubs thong in man’s face) this is the essence of sex! Voila!!! (Laughs indistinctively)

(Lloyd storms out of the room angrily)

Strange’: Please! You make me feel ridiculous

(Strange starts speaking French)

Strange’: And you, where have you been you?

Marcus: I had to go…

(Strange cuts off Marcus)

Strange’- Oh Shut up! Look at this! This is ridiculous. (Throws thong) Why are my concepts being ignored? (Gets in Jacqueline’s face) I am not a fool! I know what the people want. They want to be shocked, and they want to be stunned, and they want to be jolted! (Shows her ass to Lloyd) (Lloyd turns head is dismay) So I’ve prepared a list of names for the fragrance. (Reaches over table [hair slaps Marcus in face] to grab tablet with list of fragrance names) “Wet Spot”. No Sorry. I crossed out that one. “Love puss”, “Pig Puke”, “After Birth”

Marcus: After what?

Strange’: After…..(Pause) Birth

Marcus: I’m sorry I thought you said “bath”.

Strange’ It’s English. (Starts to spell out) B-I-R-T-H. Birth.

Marcus: I was just making a distinction between “birth” or “bath”.

Board Member: Birth, Birth! Whoo!!! (Claps hands together and holds them to his face)

Strange’: Thank you Darling. Don’t make fun of me okay? (Hits Marcus with tablet) My English is not so good. Steel Vagina. You understand that one!

Marcus: Yea!

Board Member: (slowly grabs face) “Steel Vagina”… Marvelous

Strange’: What do you think?

Jacqueline: (Scratches Throat) I…

Marcus: (Stops Jacqueline from talking) those are very creative

Strange’: Oh thank you

Marcus: But the name of the fragrance has to be something that catches the eye.(Gets up and starts to speak passionately) It has to incite passion, and it has to be electric, and it has to say glamour and it has to say sexy and it has to say smart. It has too…Wait a minute…Strange’ your name says all of those things. You’re powerful. You’re glamorous. You’re sexy. You’re intelligent. Stra (Filled with excitement) ..thats what we should call the perfume (Pause) Strange’…Strange’

(All applauds saying Strange’)

Strange’: Ok Ok Ok... I like it!!

(More applause)

(Strange grabs fur coat and exits the board room)

Marcus: Strut Girl Strut! Go On, girl, It’s you Girl

Scene- Strange

Jacqueline: Ladies and gentlemen I have a very exciting announcement to make. Since 1948, the name Lady Eloise has been synonymous with glamour, grace, sensuality, and stunning natural beauty. In the next century that tradition continues. Introducing the new face of lady Eloise cosmetics …Strange’

Scene- Dinner Scene

(Waiter asks Strange’ is she wants anything)

Strange’: No I’m on a diet!

Marcus: Diet? What are you crazy? You look great. I can’t get you down in the Caribbean!

Strange’: Im not sure im going anywhere

Jacqueline: Well you’ve gotta go. Marcus has planned a wonderful trip. We’re going to have a lot of fun.

(Jacqueline gets up wanting to make a phone call)

Marcus: Hey Listen. I know you’re a little concerned about the layout was going to be, but Im picturing you on these beautiful white-sand beaches and these powder-blue skies, crystal beautiful water. You stand in the middle of all this looking breathtaking

Strange’’: So When are we gonna fuck?

Marcus: What?

Strange’: According to Jacqueline, you are really great in bed.

Marcus: Oh Jacqueline told you that I was really good in bed?

Strange’: Well According to...
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