The Typist

Topics: Social class, Working Class Hero, Working class Pages: 1 (392 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Hazel Tells Laverne
I would describe Hazel as probably being a lower class uneducated female. I would have to take a guess that she is uneducated because of the way that she talks and the fact that she is cleaning out a Howard Johnsons restroom. I also think that she may come from the south from the way she runs words together to form other words. As far as Hazel’s personality goes, there is not a whole lot of information to give me a proper idea as to what kind of person she may be. I would have to say that Hazel is rather sassy with her attitude. I think that the idea of a frog coming out of a toilet and proposing that if she kisses him she will become a princess, in all reality, is quite terrifying. And I find it quite funny of Hazel that she hit him on the head and flushed him down the toilet whilst calling him a “green pervert.” I would definitely describe Hazel as being realistic and having a sense of humor in the way she dealt with the situation at hand. I would describe Hazel as a hard working woman who isn’t fancy or high class or sophisticated. I would say that Hazel does what she has to do to make ends meet and put food on the table. Hazel’s language tells us a lot about her. It tells us that she is uneducated and unbelieving in herself. In her writing there is no structure, there is no punctuation, and the language used is somewhat reminiscent of old southern broken English. I think that the sloppy use of the English language goes to show the working class of Hazel. She was a maid and a dumb one at that. I believe that her language showed that she was overprotective of herself. For example, the way she spoke to the frog foreshadowed the way women view men, in a very protective fashion ,well at least back in the day. It shows that they assume the worst in thinking that they only want one thing out of them. Sex. I think that if Hazel had used punctuation or even took her time to formulate her ideas into a more flowing and structured...
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