The Victorian Era Values

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The Victorian Era Values

The Victorian Era of Great Britain was a period of time when Queen Victoria reigned from the years 1837 to 1901. Several values and beliefs made up this age and it is often referred to as the climax of the British industrial revolution. SOCIAL CLASS

A main value in the Victorian Era which heavily impacted every individual's daily life was social class. There were three classes: The Working Class consisted of lower commoners and the men performed dirty and physical labour for poor pay The Middle Class contained families who weren’t rich, but were ‘well off’ and most of the men worked mental clean jobs. The Upper Class were made up of rich aristocrats who received their money from investments and inheriting land. Differences in classes could be distinguished by the way a person deducted themselves and also their level of education and the clothing they wore. Their place in the social hierarchy couldn't be easily changed and everyone was expected to adhere to the set of rules corresponding to their class. Anyone who rejected these rules were looked down upon. A person’s place in society was determined mainly by the family they were born into but their job and wage was a heavy influence. PATRIARCHY

The Victorian society was a very patriarchal one and this was evident in how men had the overall influence and authority. Women were both physically and mentally viewed as feeble and weak . Women were seen as incompetent and unable to be safe enough and survive unless they had a husband. Marriage was therefore seen as a gift – one that women had to repay their husbands for. SEXUAL MORALITY/VIRTUE

The Victorian era was dominated by the belief that an individual's sexuality form was the most basic core of their identity and freedom. Abstaining from premarital sex was a major value during the Victorian era. There was a strong negative view on premarital sex and it was seen worse than most public disturbances such as...
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