the world during rizal time

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Rules & Regulation for employee of A company

1. to wear company uniform properly at all time

2. to stick you id and swipe your id before in and out of company everytime, if you did not swupe please contact HR department

3. to wear safety shoes properly

4. in work place you must wear the mask/safety glasses/earplug depended on your job

5. do not bring company properties out of the area

1. all kinds of alcohol beverages are prohibited in company area including company dormitory

2. all kinds of gambling are not allowed

3. No quarrel or fighting

if you break the rules your employment will be terminated..

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Articles of Association
"DISTRIBUIDORA INTERNACIONAL DE ALIMENTACIÓN S.A." it is governed by these articles of association, by the Capital Companies Act (“Ley de Sociedades de Capital”) and by any other applicable legal provisions. Download

Board of Directors Regulation
This regulation is approved by the board of directors of Distribuidora Internacional de Alimentación, S.A. (the "Company"), in compliance with the provisions of Article 516 of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2010 of 2 July 2010, approving the recast text of the Capital Companies Act. The purpose of this regulation is to specify the principles for actions of the board of directors, the basic rules of its organisation and functioning and the rules of conduct for its members. The regulation seeks to achieve the greatest transparency, effectiveness, motivation, supervision and control regarding the board's functions of management and representation of the corporate interests, in accordance with the principles and recommendations regarding corporate governance of listed companies. Download

Internal Rules of Conduct in the Securities Market
These rules of conduct for securities market activities (hereinafter, the “Rules”) have been approved pursuant to article 80.2 of Law 24/1988 of 28 July on...
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