Theories of Atristic Intent

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Theories of Artistic Intent
When we judge any piece of literature, film, novel or music lyrics, we typically set it against a standard of expectations which helps us to evaluate (often called criticism). In literary theory, there are three classical standards which define literature and its effectiveness in terms of what the literature is trying to accomplish: what its goal is. These theories of artistic intent will help to continue the definition of what the particular features of each subcategory of rock music are as well as film and novels.

Imitative Intent: This theory holds that literature ought to be realistic, that it should faithfully record or reflect the actual conditions of life. The proponent (supporter) of the imitative theory would argue that the job of literature is to accurately recreate slices of life so that the listener or reader can enter a realm that the limitations of his own life might not allow. While the method and the use of language that an imitative writer employs can be innovative and unusual, the intent is to capture reality. If we believe this to be the aim of art, then we judge pieces by how well they render a picture and an understanding of the “real world.”

Expressive Intent: This theory holds that literature is a means for the individual artist to express his/her unique and personal vision of the world. The writer may focus on his perceptions of his traumas, his viewpoints, his experiences, his opinions. Essentially, the expressive intent entitles the writer to make art from himself - - to present a world which is perhaps violently distorted under the pressure of intense personal moods, ideas and emotions. Image and language express feelings and imagination rather than external reality. If we believe this to be the aim of art, then we judge individual artistic pieces by how well they express the writer’s self.

Affective Intent: This theory holds that it is the aim of literature to affect the emotions of the...
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