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To kill a mockingbird outline

Thesis - The difference of social class becomes very prominent during the trial with; the Robinsons, the Ewells, and the finches.

1. The Robinsons
    A. Good people but demoted in the social class because of color    
2. The Ewells
    A. Arrogant and nasty to black people but still live in the same social class     B. The black people and Atticus even feel sorry for him.

3. The finches
   A. Had the courage to stand up for Tom
B. Told to keep their head up and not fight when getting made fun of.    

The award-winning book To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, is a great pieces of American literature. There are several issues that Harper Lee brought into the book including the matter of social class. The book takes place in the sleepy little town of Maycomb, Alabama in the1930’s. A town that gets rocked when a seemingly normal rape trial between the black Tom Robinson and the white Mayella Ewell. The case gets opened up by Atticus Finch and ends up exposing the truth about the lower white class of the south, and sheds light on the formally underestimated black social class.    Even today there is a big issue of social class between the rich CEO’s and the poor working people. Each group is constantly having little conflicts about every little thing that anyone does. Back in the 1930’s there was still a huge problem with social class. There was the middle to high class, the low class and then the class lower than that was the “black” class. The difference of social class becomes very prominent during the trial with; the Robinson’s, the Ewell’s, and the Finch’s. First, being just a short time out of slavery the “black” people of the south were still not respected or honored the way they should have been. Tom Robinson was a respectable black man that was hard working and lived a pretty good life. But because he was black that made him an easy target for Mr. Ewell, a white man, to accuse him of such an awful...

Bibliography: Lee, Harper. To Kill A MockingBird. New York: Grand Centeral publishing, 1960. Print.
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