Tourism - advantages and disadvanteges

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Tourism – it is always a good thing

Tourism is the world’s largest and fastest growing industry. It is becoming one of the most attractive sectors in many countries in the world. Many people travel a lot every year and a large number of companies invest money in this field. It may seem that tourism brings only benefits, but my further consideration will show that it also implies some disadvantages. In my view, it can be admitted that tourism offers some negative aspects but for me it has mostly good impact on the country. It is undeniable that the tourism industry is generating huge amounts of money which contributes considerably to the economic growth of a country. Especially, when a particular area is popular all over the world and attracts people from everywhere, the country or a town can get much money in order to develop other important branches, such as public health and education. Furthermore, tourism gives citizens of the area the chance to escape poverty and attain a higher living standard. A great number of visiting tourists involves developing tourism services which means more advanced infrastructure, for instance better roads that allows better communication, hotels and leisure facilities. Consequently, more jobs in all levels are created and unemployment rate decreases. However, the biggest dark side of tourism may emerge in undermining culture by commercializing it and it is often connected with increasing vandalism and noise. Sometimes foreigners act with no respect to local traditions. Moreover, the more tourists come to the area, the more pollution they bring to. They exploit the recourses which run out faster, and as a result, natural environment can be threaten. I hold the view that tourism plays an essential role in making the country or town more significant, famous in the world and powerful. It is extremely profitable in many fields and it seem to be the most important factor when it comes to improving the living conditions of the...
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