types of communication

Topics: Communication, Sign language, Nonverbal communication Pages: 2 (718 words) Published: September 27, 2014
Types of Communication:
There are many types of communication to deliver a message effectively to one another depending on an individual’s needs. Some of these are named as Verbal communication, Non Verbal communication, and British Sign Language. Verbal communication refers to the main form of communication between individuals – it uses the spoken language to convey a message. The use of tone, pauses and emphasis when conveying a message can be used by the deliverer to intensify the spoken word. Examples of this type of communication can be used in speeches, face to face discussions and telephone conversations. http://www.answers.com/Q/What_are_different_examples_of_verbal_communication Non Verbal communication means communicating without the use of the spoken word – it can be used by individuals with sensory or learning difficulties. It is a type of communication which revolves around sending messages using body language, facial expressions, and gestures. Posture is also essential for this type of communication and can be used by both the receiver and deliverer of the message to set the tone of the conversation. http://www.hoddereducation.co.uk/getattachment/subjects/health-social-care/series-pages/btec-assessment-guides/series-boxes/sample-chapters/unit-3-effective-communication-in-health-and-social-care.pdf.aspx British Sign Language is a visual way of communicating with those who have hearing and learning difficulties. It uses hand gestures and body language such as the posture of body to express meanings. Finger spelling is a type of communication which is used in the British Sign Language – it forms the structure of alphabet using gestures with both hands to represent words and phrases. http://www.fdp.org.uk/articles/sign-language.html

Barriers to Communication:
Distraction is one of the barriers in a verbal communication which makes the conversation less effective. For instance, if an individual is having a conversation with another and there is...
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