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Business Services and Globalisation


Business Services and Globalisation

List of Tables and Figures Foreword Acknowledgements Executive Summary 1. 2. 3. 4. Introduction Business Services in the UK The Globalisation of Business Services Policy Developments and Conclusions ii iv v vi 1 9 25 43 49 53 55 57

References Annex A New statistical classification proposals Annex B UK industrial cleaning – historical case study DTI Economics Papers


List of Tables and Figures
Table 1.1: Table 2.1: Table 2.2: The structure of the UK economy by industry Overview of Business service industries (SIC 72-74), 2004 Cost structures of Manufacturing and Business services, 1994, 2004 Concentration ratios for Business services, 2004 The top 10 UK accountancy firms by UK fee income, 2006 Employees with a degree or equivalent qualification in Business services and selected sectors, 2005 Engagement in trade Percentage contribution of Business services to GVA of major economies Percentage of UK GVA, Employment and Total Net Capital Expenditure generated by foreign owned companies Top three UK advertising agencies by billings, 2005 Top three UK advertising holding companies by media billings, 2005 Imports of Services by EU15 countries, Japan & USA, 2004 Copenhagen Economics study: UK sectoral gains 4 10 19

Table 2.3: Table 2.4: Table 3.1:

20 22 27

Table 3.2: Table 3.3:

28 29

Table 3.4:


Table 3.5a: Table 3.5b:

36 36

Table 3.6: Table 4.1:

38 45 53

Table A1.1: New SIC proposals


List of tables and figures

Figure 1.1: Figure 1.2: Figure 1.3:

Business services share of the UK economy, 1986 and 2005 SIC divisions 70-74 as a percentage of Section K GVA, 2005 Final and Intermediate demand for Business service products, 2004 UK output for Business services and selected sectors, 1986-2005 Employment in Business services and selected sectors, 1986-2005 Productivity in selected industry sectors, 1986-2005 Productivity in Business services (SIC 72, 73, 74), 1986-2005 Average hourly earnings in Business services and selected sectors, 1997-2005 Value added per hour in legal, technical, advertising and consultancy business services Distribution of turnover by employment band for Business services (SIC 72 and 74) and Manufacturing, 2005 Distribution of employment for Business services (SIC 72 and 74) and Manufacturing, 2005 Exports of services as a percentage of GDP, 2005 UK Exports of services, 1995 and 2005 UK Trade Balance in services, 1995 and 2005 Business activities share of inward FDI stock in services in developed countries, 1990 and 2002 Business activities share of outward FDI stock in services in developed countries, 1990 and 2002 Inward and outward FDI stocks for the UK by industrial activity, 2004 Types of innovation activity by Business services firms, 2005

2 5 6

Figure 2.1:


Figure 2.2:


Figure 2.3: Figure 2.4:

14 15

Figure 2.5:


Figure 2.6:


Figure 2.7:


Figure 2.8:


Figure 3.1: Figure 3.2: Figure 3.3: Figure 3.4:

26 26 27 30

Figure 3.5:


Figure 3.6:


Figure 3.7:



The growth of the services sector has long been a feature of the UK economy, but with greater globalisation and associated challenges and opportunities, comes a greater need to understand the economics of this sector, and how the strengths of UK service industries will help us respond to the challenge of global competition. The Business Service sector is an increasingly important group of industries central to the UK’s future economic fortunes. Business services cover a diverse range of activities – from advertising and legal services, to computing and industrial cleaning. These industries are very different but they also share common features – they service businesses rather than end consumers, hence primarily...
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