Unit 36

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P3: Describe the skills needed to run the business successfully and what areas require further personal development In this task I would be describing some of the skill to run a business successfully and what areas require further personal development as this all important to have to be a good sole trader.

Own Contribution
This is one of the many important things to have to run a business well .This is because I am the manager of the business as the leader of the pack I would have to put extra time into the work , stay behind after work to complete extra work , give me staff extra training if they need it . These little things can help the business move forward faster and also it helps me as I know what I am doing is right for the business if I want the business to succeed. Technical/Operational

Technical can be very useful as it save time and money. I am very skilful a using the computer I can fix problems very easily on the computer, I am also very good using the basic things like Microsoft word, PowerPoint and publisher this program is very useful as it lets me create leaflets which saves me money as I don’t have to ask another business to create leaflets for me as I know how it is done. I also know how to create a data base which is very helpful as it stores all the information. Product Knowledge

Product knowledge is information that I know about my products, for example I have the product knowledge of salsa and knowledge of the product is how it’s made, ingredients and factors such as these. That is what product knowledge. This is important to me because I am the owner of the business I will need to know how to make them and how long to keep them heated or cold, furthermore another importance of knowing this skill is that if any customer’s asks about the product I should be able to tell them because they might be allergic to something m so if I know the product I could tell them information about the product. Management ability...
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