Victorian Era Booklet

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Victorian Era.

Noelle Huang


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Queen Victoria
The Victorian Era could be broken down into two phases: early era(1837~1860) and Mid-to-late era (1860~1901). In the early part of her reign, she was influenced by two men: her first Prime Minister, Lord Melbourne, and her husband, Prince Albert. Both of them had taught her how to be a good queen while only had a little power. Since Prince Albert's death in 1861, she started to wear black during the rest of the reign.Victoria died

on 22 January 1901 after a reign which lasted almost 64 years, the longest in British history. She was buried beside Prince Albert, in the Frogmore Royal Mausoleum, which she had built for their final resting place.


From 1840s to 1850s, puffed sleeves always came with the women's dresses. At that time, the dresses were simple and classic,if you said so. Sometimes people would put some real flowers on the edges. Petticoats, as always, were being used widely, together with corsets and chemies. Later on , people began to use crinoline more and more often, instead of petticoats. For the day dresses, people usually used with a solid bodice while using low necklines in the evening dresses.


1870s, Tea gowns, a type of informal dresses which were worn during the daytime started to gain the popularity. People wore it in entertaint activities held at home mostly. ● At the same time, the previous crinoline was eventually replaced with bustle. Which, was also used to hold the dresses and make them look bigger and puffier. By this time, there were neither crinolines nor bustles.


Victorian decor was known as it's orderliness and ornamentation. It was a mix of historic style, mid-east and asian style. Private space and public space were all seperate. A parlor was the most important room of a house. In a way, it allowed the houseowners to show off the their wealth and their taste in fashion. The colours of the walls depended on the type of room; hallways were usually a somber grey so as not to compete with the rooms. Also, colours that were adjacent to each other on the colour wheel were usually painted next to each other as per the theory of harmony by analogy. Furthermore, colours that contrasted were also painted next to each other.


There was no such a specific style of victorian furnitures. Though the Gothic and Rococo were two of the most common styles being used.Other those,Elizabethan, Tudor, and Neoclassical were also widely being used in the Victorian era.

Wallpaper in Victorian era was always made in floral patterns with the one/ or more than one primary colors(red, yellow, blue) as background color(s). William Morris was one of the most influential designers at that time. Lots of his works were inspired by Gothic and Medival style.


There lots of parks, museums, music halls, libraries were built and runned by the middle-class government during the era. Because of the popularity of all these places, the entrees were usually really cheap. Besides, a huge portion

of people in the middle class were running businesses or organisational and all that sorts of skills. Eventually, this factor would have great effect on establishing clubs or other leisure places.


One of the major trends of the Victorian era was the Utilitarian movement, in which right and wrong are determined by what's best for the majority or makes the majority happier. However, Utilitarianism was very controversial and was opposed by figures such as Charles Dickens at the time.


If you were in the working class of...
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