Virginia Woolf's A Room For One's Own

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“A Room of One’s Own” by Virginia Woolf
This text might be criticized because some Woolf’s ideas related to the importance of money and material legacy for woman to write and even their social class status though her work A Room of One’s Own.

It could be “elitist” or “materialist” the terms to name the author thoughts. She starts her work whit the statement and the conditional that a woman who pretends to write literature must have at least a room alone for her to can lock and write and 500 pounds a year at least “a woman must have 500 pounds a year and a room of her own if she is to write creatively” (Woolf Chapter 1), this idea is because of the importance of focus on writing more than other things and if you have wealthy and a place to lock and write, it could be the right way to write literature. Of course this idea is a lot materialist because she establish as a conditional to create literature material properties and even an specific amount of money as if without 500 pounds a year and a room for oneself you cant be creative or talented to write.

Other of the thoughts of Virginia Woolf trough her work that could be catalogued as elitist and materialist is that she is concerned about the importance of education and social class to be a writer and produce literature, she explains how social condition acts through as a limitation of art. She explains in chapter two and three, where she explains some of this positions and beliefs, how it could be impossible for a woman in Shakespeare’s days and as talented as him to be as recognized and successful as Shakespeare because of the expectation for a woman at that age, where she must had to conform to a social role that did not let her to develop her talents. “It could have been impossible, completely and entirely, for any woman to have written the plays of Shakespeare in the ages of Shakespeare” (Woolf Chapter 3)

But one of the strongest thoughts that can be highly criticized about her...

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