Vocabulary for Style Analysis

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1. The problem of the text: to set an important (serious, burning, urgent, vital) problem, to solve the problem of, it seems to be a great problem (of ...), to render the idea of social injustice, inequality, pollution, humanity, charity, the state independence, unemployment, discrimination, to tackle the problem of 1. The point of the story: to make the point plain, to show how vital the point of the text is, to expound the point by repeating the same idea (revealing the idea in relation to ..), to make his point understandable for the reader 2. The purpose of the text: to convey to (to reproduce in) the reader the authors thoughts and feelings (informational function), to make the reader to visualize and feel what he wants him to visualize and feel (the emotional and expressive function), to draw the readers’ attention to what the author finds important and wants to bring to his notice (the expressive function), to appeal to the reader, distinguish several functions (aims), to win the reader (listener) over to the author’s (listener’s) side, to emphasize the contrasting contradictory ideas, to arrange the ideas according to the degree of their importance or emphasis, to express the author’s individual attitude toward what he describes, to give the personal appraisal of ..., to secure the desired effect, to express our perception of the likeness (contrast, similarity) of two objects or ideas, its sole purpose is to entertain and divert the reader, to keep the reader in a state of expectations, to accentuate the connection between the two parts the antecedent extract introduces, the dramatic meat of the text is not in its narrative (plot) but in the revelation of the ..., the text (logically) falls into 2 parts entitled ..., the direct address to the reader is of great importance, the blending of description and narration is skillfully used ... to , to create an atmosphere of growing suspense, to add a dramatic flavour to the extract, the incongruity between the contents and the literary form, to be a symbolic representation of the atmosphere created in the book, the incongruity of the sensual plot and the drystone of the descriptor 3. The structure of the text

1. The exposition of the story (text) to start the reader on the story 2. The climax of the story/text (gradation) - the anticlimax the moment of the highest interest (tension): to arrange the ideas according to the degree of their importance or emphasis, the most important from his point of view, coming last, to lead on to a melodramatic (intellectual), psychological, emotional 3. The outcome of the text/story: to succeed in holding readers attention to the end, the outcome of the story is dramatic (predictable, quite unexpected) to be based on the effect of the deceived expectancy, surprised endings (happy-ends) are typical of ... 4. Text contents and its understatement (the subject-matter of the text): to write with (understanding) and understatement to emphasize the contrasting and contradictory ideas, to stress the fact that, to accentuate the connection, the plot development is tense and dynamic (slow and lax), to contain an ingenious plot, the scene is set in..., to convey concise information compactly, to pile up the details to create the state of suspense, to specify the setting and the time span of the story, plot development and the characters involved 5. The point of view: the author’s choice of the point of view contributes to the vividness of narration, description, the story is told from the point of view of the author (the main character an onlooker), the general slant of the story is 5. The form of the speech: the point of view of the character is incorporated in the structure of the narrative, the paragraph represents non-personal direct speech with all its specific traits, to gain much from dialogues,...
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