Vocations of a Business Leader

Topics: Decision making, Corporation, Ethics Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: February 2, 2013

After reading the article (reflection) “Vocations of the Business Leader,” I realized that although the words in the article are simple and easy to understand it is seldom applied by the society particularly by those who belong in the corporate world. Even though ethics is something that can be considered as common knowledge that we should adhere to, it is still one of the subjects taught during the university years for the reason that it takes time for one to be able to stand on ethical grounds.

This article prepared by those who belong to the Catholic Church aims to provide that ethical need in the corporate world. The article is summarized briefly into three actions: see, judge and act. As discussed in the article, various factors have affected the way we see things. These factors include globalization, new communication technologies, financialization of the economy and cultural changes. With the passage of time, these factors have been a part of the big picture. It is true that we can just turn a blind eye every now and then but it does not mean that all people especially those with ethical grounds are going to ignore it the way most do. Seeing things the way things really are gives us the power to change things for the better and sometimes for the best. In business, fraud is one of the major issues that could bring the whole organization down. It is also something that could destroy the employees’ hopes and dreams. Most of all, it can affect the corporate world as a whole especially if the company experiencing fraud is one of the most fundamental company in that industry.

To judge is the next action stated in the article. In this step, a decision maker chooses his choice based on what he had seen. But even if we see or notice things that we do not want to see or notice, we should still be able to think of the common good and not put our human dignity at stake. We should be doing what is right simply because it is...
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