War and Peace

Topics: War, Violence, Crusades Pages: 2 (776 words) Published: March 27, 2013
War is inevitable when disasters exist, but can sometimes be avoidable when conflicting over cultural matters. Primarily, it is in man’s best interest to provide for himself and his family. Those are his two biggest priorities. When any kind of disaster occurs, he must first look after himself and his family before ensuring the safety of others. A civilization works in the same way. Its goal is to carry out the way of life of the people and ensure that it survives. It will fail to reach that goal if the people in the civilization aren’t willing to fight for themselves and what they believe in. If some kind of natural calamity strikes or an outside power that is willing to kill moves in and violently forces its own laws, traditions, and customs, the people must take appropriate actions or face the downfall of their own kind. They must fight to preserve their customs and traditions, or move to another place to live. Now if the intruding invader has any concern for the people, but still desires to enforce their laws upon them, non-violence can be used. Non-violence can only be an alternative to war if the force they are fighting against is non-violent. Otherwise, it will only get trampled upon by a violent, oppressive force.

In order for a civilization to survive, it must have an adequate supply of resources for its people. A civilization’s supply of resources can easily be depleted by drought, famine, floods, disease and many other natural disasters. When this happens, the civilization must find a way to solve this problem. If a solution can’t be found while staying in the area, they must find another place to live, but that comes with risks. Going out and searching for a new place is very dangerous and many people may die. Another option the impoverished group of people might take would be to seek help to a nearby but separate establishment. This puts the struggling group in the hands of the healthy one. It is then up to the healthy group...
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