Week 4 - Organizing Work - Mgt 521

Topics: Management, Corporate governance, Board of directors Pages: 4 (575 words) Published: September 4, 2013
Organizing Work - Team B
Maxine Boyce, Ricky Chaney, Patrick Derouen,
Justin Gemoll, Leroy Washington, and Mai Yang
August 12th, 2013
John Gallaudet


We are a team of managers at J P Morgan Chase. Upper management is concerned that

the structure of the division our team manages is not accomplishing goals as

efficiently as it could, As a result, management has asked Team B to review the current

organizational structure and recommend needed changes.

Team B notices the organizational has not been recently updated. To begin the task, we

must create an up-to-date organizational chart to determine the efficiency of the current

structure. Then we must create a new organizational chart that represents the

recommended structural changes. We will present recommendations and rationale

to management. We will complete the following tasks to prepare for our meeting with

upper management.

• Identify the current organizational structure of J P Morgan Chase

• Create an organizational chart in Microsoft PowerPoint for the current structure of the company.

• Discuss as a team, any structural changes or adaptations to the existing structures we believe should be recommended to improve the company’s efficiency and effectiveness.

• Create an organizational chart in Microsoft PowerPoint for the recommended structure of the company.

Justify our team’s recommendations a paper of no more than 1,050 words. If our team recommends that the company structure remain the same, defend our decision. Based on the team’s decision, our paper must include the following: • Describe the work that must be completed to accomplish the recommended changes or adaptations. If no changes are recommended, explain what work is being done and why it is successful. • Describe how the work could be done most effectively. Would the work be completed by...
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