why is the working class disadvantaged in the UK?

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Why is the working class disadvantages in the UK?
The working class is massively disadvantaged through the health system. Health is hard to define as there is no universal agreement ion how social classes are defined. Nettleton (2006) said that poor diet at younger age than the rich and are more susceptible to major diseases. It states the % more babies are still born or in in the first week of life in unskilled families than in professionals families. This shows that health is a massive disadvantage for working class as they don’t have the education and facilities in order to look after and care for their children properly. Children are 2 times more likely to die before the age of 5 when being born to parents who are unskilled workers on the other hand those who have professionals working families more likely to stay healthy and live longer as parents know how to look after the children and from higher class they know all the moral and values needed in order to bring a child up successfully the those people from working class. Another reason as to why working class are at a disadvantage is that there are regional inequalities as Downey smith (2005) found health inequalities is increasing with life expectancy continuing to rise faster in the most advanced areas in the UK this shows that working class life expectancy in one way will be decreasing as well. Another aspect of health and why it is a disadvantage to working class is social class and morbidity. Such as Browne and Botlniill (1999) working class people have a wider range of health problems. Arteface explanations say that class and health are artificial and therefore question other social class inequalities in health are real or not. Researchers focus on class I and class V could be argued to be using 2 extremes and 2 small classes –exaggerating the difference. This shows the more different side and that not everything is not to do with class. People just look at one side working class may not be...
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