Worldshaker Essay - Themes of Rebellion and Revolution

Topics: Social class, Victorian era, Working class Pages: 8 (2836 words) Published: June 1, 2013
Essay - Worldshaker (2013, Term 1)

Planning Steps

1. Read the Question at least twice Worldshaker, as an example of the steam punk genre, explores themes of rebellion and revolution. Comment on this statement with reference to your reading and understanding of the novel.

2. Highlight key words Worldshaker, as an example of the steampunk genre, explores themes of rebellion and revolution. Comment on this statement with reference to your reading and understanding of the novel. Look at meaning - diamond You can use first person to say some things because you comment on your understanding. All essay’s are written - present simple - I write, I listen, the author convey’s etc. He likes. The verb + s (talk(s))

3. Define key words Steampunk: a sub-genre of science fiction and fantasy with advanced machines and other technology based on steam power of the 19th century and taking place in a recognizable historical period or a fantasy world. Themes: a unifying idea, image, or pattern, repeated or developed throughout a work. Rebellion: resistance to or defiance of any authority, control, or tradition. Revolution: an overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed. Reference: To refer to another passage, book, text or idea. To direct attention to another thing.

4. Rewrite the question in your own words so you understand it Worldshaker has the two main themes of revolution and rebellion. How is this typical of steampunk genre? Comment on how you understand the novel, sometimes in first person point of view 5. Brainstorm Everything - Nothing is stupid Rebelling - Riff/Filthies rebelling against boundaries set by the upper class. - Col rebelling against traditions for Riff by throwing down the rope to start the revolution - Sir Mormus tries to rebel against the filthies hostile take over

- Riff rebels against every expectation of her life and gender. She doesn’t fit to the gender stereotypes of being feminine, soft, pretty, proper, gentle, submissive. Revolution - The actual fight scene - The people who had to leave worldshaker and go on the ground

6. Plan - select and create relationships (i.e pick your best ideas and find the common link between them)

7. Introduction - Thesis - That different elements of the steampunk genre with it’s Victorian style community promote themes of revolution and rebellion in the novel. - Author and texts name - Define Steampunk - Answer the question - May include a meaningful global statement that is about genre as a whole and not particularly related to the book. - Outline of key ideas - NO Quotes

8. Body Paragraphs - At least one quote in each body paragraph - Around 200-ish is a good aim because you write ULTRA SLOWLY Paragraph 1 - How Oppression from a stratified society inspires revolution and rebellion of lower class. How is this typical of steampunk? - Filthies, being below and tortured - They are trying to rebel the whole time but they finally end up revolutionizing Worldshaker - The people of power at society’s highest positions, mainly Sir Mormus, decide to treat the filthies as horrible, insignificant and animalistic. - This keeps the powerful in power and gives the working class and filthies no chance to better themselves within society’s rankings. - The filthies are pushed by their imprisonment and torture to try and revolutionize the society they live in, making it fairer for them. - Quote “...” Paragraph 2 - Conformity from the expectations of the Victorian Era and how that promotes revolution and rebellion. How is this typical of the steampunk genre? - People on Worldshaker live in a society that doesn’t allow individualism or creativity through strict social traditions and expectations.

- However some people in the society want to rebel against these typical aspects of life, like the male dominated society, the dress code and standard of etiquette, the expectations of marriage and marrying as...
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