Youth Subculture Sociology Class and Racism

Topics: Subculture, Social class, Dick Hebdige Pages: 3 (935 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Identify and explain two ways which youth subcultures are influenced by social class.(17)

One example if subculture that is influenced by social class are punks.they have been studied by Dick Hebdige. Punks have emerged in the 1970's their subculture was a response to dominance of the media. Punks were a working class subculture and they were frustrated with the economy and social situations.

Hebdige came up with the term 'bank generation' to describe that the only thing they had in common was their rejection of everything that was orderly, restrained and sacred. Their music was depressing, the bands like 'The Clast' were about unemployment, life on estate, benefits and 'the white riots'. Punks were a compleat opposite of skinhead subculture however they also have problems with unemployment and had enough of working-class life.

Hebdige studied Punks style and he said the the way they dread was a way to so say do-it-yourself culture which costed very little because they used old clothes and items that were no longer usable. Their clothing was old and ripped, they were from a variety of sources, even household items like bin liners etc. Their hair was shaped in different unusual styles and they had a lot of body piercings. Usually their body piercings were made out of household objects.

Outline and evaluate the view that ethnic minority subcultures are formed in response to racism(33)

Hebdige studied Rastafarians. He suggested that Rastas have achieved a subcultural status defined by a certain belief system and way of clothing. Their style was characteristic; their hair was plated into dreadlocks, clothes were in color in the Ethiopian flag; red,green and gold. The style became very popular in young working –class blacks male in Britain in the 1970s who have experience alienation as a part of everyday life.Rastafarianism emerged as a way of making sense of the experience of being poor and black in Jamaica and, later, in Great Britain. Rastafarianism...
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