A Formal Justification report to an Organization making a reccomendation to implement a popular product.

Topics: Management, Corporate governance, Chief executive officer Pages: 4 (1080 words) Published: January 31, 2014
 Assignment 3: Leadership, Teambuilding, and Communication 1

Lynda Brackett
Professor Manuel Duarte
Organizational Behavior -BUS 322
Strayer University
January 31, 2014

Assignment 3 Leadership, Teambuilding, and Communication 2 Community Educational Research Group
My dream has always been to own a chain of Child Development Centers. I have always believed that if a child gets a early start at a proper education than they might have a better chance at coping in today’s society. I have made this a part of my dream job, because I feel that I can make a difference in some child’s life I have starting living my dream by being employed at and working in child care for 22 yrs. Working for Community ERG has given me the idea of one day owning my own.

Assignment 3 Leadership, Teambuilding, and Communication 3 The CEO of my company is very caring and kind hearted. He is an exceptional leader, he is what would describe as a formal leader. trying to fill is for an Executive Director, who reports to Board of Directors, and reporting to this position are Program Director and Business Managers. Job Summary

The Executive Director will serve as Chief Executive Officer for Lynda’s Babies Inc. and in partnership with the Board; is responsible for the success of the organization. Together with the Board you will assure that Lynda’s Babies Inc. is relevant to the community it serves, the accomplishment of the organization, mission and vision, and it’s accountability of the company to its diverse constituents. The Board delegates the responsibilities for management and the day-to-day operations for Lynda’s Babies Inc. Executive Director has complete authority to carry out those responsibilities, in accordance with direction and policies set forth by the Board. The Executive Director...

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